Teaching Principle

Calculator is a very common instrument for computing numbers in the world today. However, learning how to compute numbers mentally is still very important. This is especially true for children age 6 to 15. Parents should not miss the window of opportunities to introduce their children the correct method to learn mental arithmetic which will promote the overall abilities of the brain. 

Approximately 88% of the world population are right-handed. Right-handed people have more developed left brain and less developed right brain. ( Due to heredity, custom, and convenience, 95% of Chinese population are right-handed. ) Medical experts indicated that the creative ability of the right brain is almost a million times that of the left brain. Computers, calculators, robots, and other business machines were all invented to facilitate the function of the left brain. There is no substitution for the function of the right brain. It is necessary for a person to cultivate and develop such capacity. The abilily of the right brain is the determining factor for a person to excel in studying and career development. 

From birth to the age of eighteen, the range of the brain development is far greater than the physical growth. During this period, a child will invariably become brighter if ample simulation has been given to his/her brain, especially the right hemisphere. There are more than one way to promote the abilities of the brain. The most direct and effective practice is to utilize both hands. The movement of the two hands represents one third of the total brain activity. 

The right hemisphere of the brain commands the motion of the left hand, and the left hemisphere of the brain commands the right hand. 

American children also learn J.S.U.M.A. 

Conventional mental arithmetic technique requires the children to spend a long period of time learning abacus. As a result, only the left hemisphere of the brain is stimulated and right half of the brain is ignored. 

J.S.U. MENTAL ARITHMETIC does not teach children how to use an abacus but teach them how to use their ten fingers. Special emphasis is placed on the movement of the left hand in order to stimulate the activities of the right hemisphere of the brain. Later on, children will be introduced to abstract mental arithmetic via some semi abstract paper teaching aids. J.S.U. MENTAL ARITHMETIC designed both the teaching technique and teaching materials to follow the principal of stimulating the right hemisphere of the brain. 

To children above the age of 6 who has the concept of quantity and numbers under 100, J.S.U. will provide the thinking style learning opportunity incorporate with everyday life. The results of J.S.U. MENTAL ARITHMETIC are astonishing It not only brings forth to children conspicuous progress in studying, but also increases their concentration level, memory power, creativity, reasoning, imagination, organizational skill, and overall development. Mental calculation is only one of the many benefits that J.S.U. MENTAL ARITHMETIC can accomplish. 

J.S.U. MENTAL ARITHMETIC is enjoyed and welcomed by the children from the Island of Taiwan, Kingmen to Singapore, Malaysia, United States of America, Canada, and Australia in recent years. Last year the tour into Beijing, Shanghai, Wu-Han, Xan Young, Guan Chou was very well received and welcomed. We hope not only Chinese children but also children of the other nationalities can also benefit from J.S.U. MENTAL ARITHMETIC technique.


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